Dr. Srikakolli Eliah

SDA HIGH School NUZVID has been a beacon of excellence and commitment over the years in Nuzvid. We are known for our sophisticated approach towards providing an amicable and disciplined environment for students, equitable to every student, irrespective of what his/her academic/non-academic interests are.

The academic environment has undergone a massive transformation with a larger focus on education that is specific to the requirements of each child. Holistic education has been the benchmark for the new brand of education that is being encouraged, in order to make students more inquisitive, curious, and eager to study. With the use of adequate teaching references and models to assist teachers in imparting valuable education to students, the School specializes in enhancing the quality of education efficiently. We pride ourselves on our academic prowess. The School is known for offering a quality education culminating in impressive examination results which qualify our students to study in top Colleges throughout the world.

The School benefits students both scholastically and non-scholastically. As of now, the main focus will be on imparting education through the online mode of teaching and getting students more involved through the use of teaching modules that they were oblivious to earlier.


Our Vision

To become a dynamic global institution and a centre of excellence.

Our Mission

To touch the lives and to transform people by teaching, by healing and by creating a better community for man and god.

Core Values

Compassionate in all dealings, Loyal to Organizational goals, Hard work with Passion and Productivity, Continuous Self-renewal, Honesty and Integrity in all aspects.